Big Data Moscow 2018


Aleksey Studnev

Bloxy, Russia


Alexey Studnev graduated from MIPT, the founder of successful IT companies in Russia and the USA. A developer to the core, working in the software development industry for more than 25 years. Founded several successful startups, in internet advertising and marketing ( Lifestreet, Wondersoft ), in blockchain games ( IZX ) and analytics ( teaches a seminar “Blockchain business in business” at the Moscow Business School, spoke at numerous conferences, lectures and lectures, Digital Transformation (Rospatent, 2018), BRICS (2018), RIW (2017), The St. Petersburg Blockbuster Developer Community (2018) . Expert of the BRICS Institute for the implementation of block systems.


Realtime Blockchain Analytics

The session is devoted to the technology of deep blockchain analytics on the Ethereum Foundation base. Some practical examples are shown, as well the methods used, and the obtained results.
The topic is of interest to financial market analysts, founders of blockchain projects, and the specialists in the field of big data and data processing.

Date: October 11, 2018