Big Data Moscow 2018

Flow Bohl

Bloomberg New Energy Finance, UK


With over 15 years in digital, working in marketing and finance, he now leads the user research efforts at Bloomberg New Energy Finance in London, where he is known as “User Flow”.


The Future of Data Visualization

Opportunities and trends in data visualization have evolved dramatically in recent years. Tools like Power BI and Tableau offer increasingly fast and diverse ways of analyzing and visualizing data. Bloomberg Business Week, the New York Times and many other publishers have raised expectations for what good data visualization looks like. Increasing data literacy amongst consumers, data transparency and associated risks like privacy issues are some of the challenges that play into abilities to gather and visualize data comprehensively going forward. Flow Bohl will cover in his talk some industry trends and user research observations that allow us to look into the future of how data will be visualized.

Date: October 11, 2018