Big Data Moscow 2018


Krzysztof Adamski

ING, Poland


Data Architect at ING Wholesale Banking Advanced Analytics Amsterdam NL / Katowice PL
Over 10 years of experience working with data and maintaining data platform from RDBMS, through DWH, Hadoop to cloud environments. From the architecture design decisions till full production support. From infrastructure support projects till business critical applications. Over the last year managing 2500 Hadoop cluster at Spotify and taking a part in multi PB cloud migration. Currently responsible for building a cloud-ready data analytics platform for ING as part of cross national squad. Open source solutions proponent who believes building on the basis of open and community driven projects should be a foundation of any modern data driven company.


Data Analytics Platform or How to Make Data Science in a Box Possible

Hadoop and FOSS in general reshaped our data analytics landscape. In the search for creating a modern data pipeline we started to come up with a new set of requirements like cloud-readiness or make it easy to package our ML models. Is docker capable already of handling big data workload? Has kubernetes gained enough momentum to answer our needs? Please join me on the session, so I can share my experience where the world is going right now, WBAA ideas how to make it enterprise ready with the current state and vision of our platform. A simple demo is planned as well to inspire you about the potential.

Date: October 11, 2018