Big Data Moscow 2018


Pablo Doval

Plain Concepts, UK


Pablo Doval is the Data Team Lead and the General Manager of Plain Concepts in the UK. With a background of relational databases, data warehousing and traditional BI projects, he has spent the last years architecting and building Big Data and Machine Learning projects for customers in different sectors, such as Healthcare, Digital Media, Retail and Industry.


A look at the past and future of AI

AI is the current trend: nowadays all software products need to be “AI infused” to be marketable, and all our software engineers need to sign up to university again to earn that Maths/Stats PhD, right? Obviously there is too much hype and non-sense revolving around AI these last couple of years, but one thing is certain: even though it has been around since the 50s, something has definitely happened lately that has enabled great tools, apps and services. What is real, and what is hype?

In this session we will take a look to the history of AI, and move forwards to the current state of the art. We will then discuss some of the new research fields, latest exciting papers and techniques, and how to apply them to end products. Along the way, we will try to answer some of the questions that we all have when building data teams: do I just need a bunch of PhD? Shall I commit to TensorFlow/Caffe/etc?

Date: October 11, 2018