Big Data Moscow 2018

Varvara Novozhilova

Aeroclub IT, Russia


Graduated from the Russian State University for the Humanities in 2007 with a degree in Applied Informatics in the Information Sphere. Varvara worked in different companies in roles: system administrator, front-end developer, java-developer (IBS), designer, art director, project manager, product manager (Technoserv). The last 5 years has been managing products related to AI, DS, and ML. She Joined Aeroclub company as the product manager of Atom, almost immediately led the whole direction of reporting products, and soon she took the role of the product owner for the Data analysis products using AI, starting a new it-direction in the company.


Artifitial Intelligence in the field of Business Travel. IT Products development using Big Data Analysis

Business Travel is a large-scale business sphere that provides clients with a wide range of services not only for the aggregation and selection of options for air and railway tickets, visas, transfers, hotel accommodation, but also for travel policy consulting, for profound versatile reporting, and also on optimization of travel expenses. The market volume is huge, as there are practically business trips in every large company. Operating a serious amount of heterogeneous data, there is no chance to stay away from market trends and not try to optimize the work with data using AI and DS. We will tell you about what we came up to in 2018, and how we did it.
– What are we talking about when we talk about IT in business travel. How the order of travel services in the business sphere is arranged.
– Bottlenecks and opportunities for AI. Where exactly in our business is the use of artificial intelligence relevant?
– Data Science methods that we use. How do we generate hypotheses and make decisions, which ones should be checked before others.
– How to build relevant metrics when working with a serious amount of data flows.
– Integration issues. Options for embedding AI solutions into running systems. What you need to pay attention to, so as not to worsen the user experience.
– Development prospects. Chat bots and Agent applications.

Date: October 11, 2018