Big Data Days 2019

 October 8-10   Moscow

David Pilato

elastic, France


David Pilato is Developer and Evangelist at elastic and French spoken language User Group creator. In his free time, he likes talking about elasticsearch in conferences or in companies ([Brown Bag Lunches AKA BBLs]).


Managing Your Black Friday Logs

Monitoring an entire application is not a simple task, but with the right tools it is not a hard task either. However, events like Black Friday can push your application to the limit, and even cause crashes. As the system is stressed, it generates a lot more logs, which may crash the monitoring system as well. In this talk I will walk through the best practices when using the Elastic Stack to centralize and monitor your logs. I will also share some tricks to help you with the huge increase of traffic typical in Black Fridays.

Topics include:
* monitoring architectures
* optimal bulk size
* distributing the load
* index and shard size
* optimizing disk IO

Takeaway: best practices when building a monitoring system with the Elastic Stack, advanced tuning to optimize and increase event ingestion performance.


Advanced (Elastic) Search for Your Legacy Application

How do you mix SQL and NoSQL worlds without starting a messy revolution?
This live coding talk will show you how to add Elasticsearch to your legacy application without changing all your current development habits. Your application will have suddenly have advanced search features, all without the need to write complex SQL code!
David will start from a Spring Boot/Postgresql/MySQL based application and will add a complete integration of Elasticsearch, all live from the stage during his presentation.

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