Big Data Days 2019

 October 8-10   Moscow

Diego Hueltes

RavenPack, Spain


I am a computer engineer living in Marbella, (Malaga, Spain).
I’m currently working at Ravenpack and I collaborated teaching in the Big Data Executive Program at Escuela de Organizacion Industrial (EOI), a Spanish business school where I have been also a Big Data mentor.

I’m passionate about Data Analysis and Big Data, and I love to share this passion speaking in congresses & seminars.


Data Science for Lazy People, Automated Machine Learning

Data science is fun, right? Data cleaning, feature selection, feature preprocessing, feature construction, model selection, parameter optimization, model validation – oh wait – are you sure? What about automating 80% of the work even doing better choices than you? Automated Machine Learning has arrived to be your personal assistant in Data Science.