Big Data Days 2019

 October 8-10   Moscow

Eric Johnson

Amazon Web Services, USA


As a Senior Developer and Serverless Advocate at Amazon, I get the opportunity to speak in conferences on all things Public Cloud. I cover topics like Public Cloud (Specically AWS), Serverless, securing your pipeline on AWS, as well as architecture and utilizingadvanced services on AWS. I am a father of 5, husband, musician, and technology geek.


Big “Serverless” Data

Since AWS Lambda was announced in 2014, serverless computing has powered the technology behind web and mobile applications, IoT, Alexa skills, and more. Big data applications have not been left behind in this paradigm shift. They have seen great improvements in ingestion, routing, real-time analysis, and data storage through serverless technologies.

In this session, I’ll show you how to use serverless to ingest data at scale and perform real-time analysis so you can make immediate business decisions. I’ll also demonstrate how to route data for later analysis and how to report results using serverless databases such as Amazon DynamoDB and storage products like Amazon S3. By the end of the session, you will have a good understanding of serverless data pipelines and the tools available for data evaluation. Understanding these technologies will help you evaluate and react to both immediate changes and historical trends in your data.

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