Big Data Days 2019

 October 8-10   Moscow

Valeriy Babushkin

X5 Retail Group/ Yandex, Russia


Valeriy Babushkin is the Head of Data Science at X5 Retail Group where he leads a team of 50+ people. Also, Valeriy is a Kaggle competition master; ranking globally in the top 60. He is 34th in global ratings of ML specialists (


How to Increase A/B Convergence Time 10-100 Times

A/B testing is a tricky field especially when the data flow is not enough to converge A/B in a reasonable amount of time. I would love to tell a story how by switching to another most important metric we reduced income traffic 50 times and will tell how we solved this problem using Linearization, Reweighing, Predictive Machine Learning, and Bayes Theorem.

Session Keywords

A/B Testing
Machine Learning