Big Data Days 2021

Online Edition

28-30 Cентября


Albert Lewandowski

Big Data DevOps Engineer

Poland, GetInData


He works as the Big Data DevOps Engineer in GetInData and Cloud Consultant for startups. He is also dedicated to work in IoT working group in Ministry of Digital Affairs. His experience is mainly about Big Data, public cloud (certified Google Cloud architect), DevOps and SRE principles. During his free time, he is learning how to take advantage of quantum computing.


Best Practices for ETL with Apache NiFi on Kubernetes

Apache NiFi is one of the most popular services for running ETL pipelines otherwise it’s not the youngest technology. During the talk, there are described all details about migrating pipelines from the old Hadoop platform to the Kubernetes, managing everything as the code, monitoring all corner cases of NiFi and making it a robust solution that is user-friendly even for non-programmers.

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