Big Data Days 2021

Online Edition

28-30 Cентября


Barry Walsh

Digital Lead / Client Engagement

UK, Pairview Group


AI Engineer & Data Scientist, B2B Advisor and Trainer at Pairview


Trends in 2021 — CRPA, AutoML & the Role of DataOps

Many organizations and businesses are fed up with failed standalone «AI vanity» projects, and looking to plug-in to «Enterprise AI» solutions from a market IDC as recently as last month predicted is worth $341 billion. Against this backdrop and trend, Pairview are focussed on helping businesses and organizations move from «descriptive» to «predictive» automation and establishing a new ecosystem better equipped to democratize complex Big Data Engineering & Data Science techniques and workflows. As such, our talk at the Big Data Europe 2021 conference on «Trends in 2021 — CRPA, AutoML & the Role of DataOps» will take a practical look at pioneering tools including AutoAI (IBM Cloud Pak, TensorFlow Extended) and the rise in no-code / low-code interfaces (AzureML, DataRobot) as well as best practice for implementing Enterprise AI in 2021.

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