Big Data Days 2021

Online Edition

28-30 Cентября


Ben Herzberg

Chief Scientist

Israel, Satori


Ben is an experienced hacker & developer, with years of experience in endpoint security, behavioral analytics, application security, and data security. Ben filled roles such as the CTO of Cynet, as well as leading the threat research group at Imperva. Ben is now the Chief Scientist for Satori, streamlining data access and security with DataSecOps.


DataSecOps: Why You Should Care

Data engineering is going through changes that are leading to a more operations-based field, much in the same way that software deployment went through the «DevOps (r)evolution».

In this session we will discuss DevOps and the transition to DevSecOps, and what we can do better (as an industry) when it comes to embedding security in DataOps.

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Data Engineering

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