Big Data Days 2020

24-26 ноября


Antía Fernández

CoDirector of Intelligent Systems area at Gradiant



Antía is currently the CoDirector of Intelligent Systems area at Gradiant, where she leads the Industry 4.0 strategy based on collecting data and generating value for the companies using big data, IoT and data analytics technologies.


Advanced Analytics in the Industry

What is the scope in the data use industry? Different views on it are presented in Industry 4.0 Congress; from the description of the power of an artificial intelligence project presented by Gradiant, to real-time decision-making with the experience of Ibermática and its vision of improving OEE based on data. There will be presented also two selected cases from diverse sectors such as the automotive industry (DRAXTON-NAITEC case) or drug design (Phenobyte) that will highlight the importance of having powerful data engineering and enrich the listener’s experience.

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