Big Data Days 2020

24-26 ноября


Jean Mauris

Management Advisory on Digital Transformation, Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker, Mentor

Latvia, HRMNY Human Technologies


Jean is a serial entrepreneur with a deep knowledge of team management, customer experience, digital transformation, and related topics. Built one of the leading web development agencies in Latvia back in 2000, launched the first startup accelerator, invested in several startups, and delivered dozens of workshops, lectures, and keynotes.


Ethical Side of Booming AI

Nowaday everybody talks about AI and ML as a future for humany. But the thing is that AI, even in it current form will affect human being much deeper then we think. There is a huge ethical gap between what technology can deliver and what we really expect it do deliver. We have to turn our moral compass on. Let’s talk about human-faced side of AI.

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