Big Data Days 2021

Hybrid Edition

28-30 Cентября

Москва и онлайн

Jonathan Leslie

The Director of Data Science

UK, Pivigo

Neri Van Otten


UK, Spot Intelligence


Jon is the Director of Data Science at Pivigo, where he designs data science projects and mentors his team and students. He obtained his PhD in Biology from the University of London, studying blood vessel formation at the Cancer Research UK London Research Institute. After 20 years researching the molecular processes underlying cancer, he turned to data science and founded a freelance consultancy business. He is passionate about promoting open-source software and routinely volunteers as a mentor in the R-programming and data science communities.

Neri Van Otten holds a M.Sc. in Computer Science Engineering from Ghent University where she wrote her thesis on optimising energy usage in electrical vehicles by training online personalised deep neural networks. In her 8 years of professional data science experience, she has worked at start-ups, a hedge fund and as an independent data science consultant helping a wide variety of different companies. Technically, she focuses mainly on optimising/scaling machine learning systems to utilise data in real-time, researching deep learning solutions and building NLP (Natural Language Processing) applications. At the moment, she leads the data science efforts at SourceBreaker, runs her own deep learning start-up Spot Intelligence and mentors (aspiring) data scientists. She is passionate about diversity and education and regularly teaches machine learning.


Designing and Building Data Science Solutions

The ability to apply data science and AI to business challenges can be impactful and exciting. Yet getting started can be daunting: how best to plan a project in order to ensure success can be unclear. Jon and Neri will share their learnings about sensible approaches to designing data science projects and present a framework that they have found to be useful in giving projects the best chance for success. This talk will largely mirror the material that appears in their book by the same title at

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