Big Data Days 2021

Hybrid Edition

28-29 Cентября

Москва и онлайн

Valdas Maksimavicius

IT Architect Specializing in Data Analytics and Cloud Computing

Lithuania, Cognizant


Valdas is an IT architect specializing in data analytics and cloud computing with ten years of experience. He has been using Azure Cloud components since 2014.
For the last five years, Valdas has been leading Data Engineering teams using the latest Azure Data and AI services. He worked on Data Lake and Data Science platform implementations for various sectors in the Nordics.


Data Governance From an Engineering Perspective

For a long time, data governance seemed to me like an empty phrase meaning everything and nothing at the same time. Valdas was on the fence, not sure how to approach it from an engineering perspective.

In this talk, he will split data governance into into “bite-size” pieces. What are the tools, processes, and skill needed to build a compliant data platform?


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Data Governance

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