Big Data Days 2019

 October 8-10   Moscow

Sergey Zolotarev

Arenadata, Russia


Founder and Managing Partner of Arenadata, 20 years in IT Market.
15+ of Sales&Bussines development experience with proven year-over-year business volume growth.More then 12 years of manager’s experience in Sales Director’s role at highly competitive Enterprise market.
Great experience in business development and bringing new solutions and technologies in to the market.


Building Enterprise Data Platforms Based on Open Source

Today, more and more large companies are using open source projects (Open Source) when building a corporate data platform, or as it is also called corporate Data Lake. This approach has, in addition to clear advantages, the use of innovative products and technologies to solve a wide variety of work scenarios, raused a lot of questions with data that need to be addressed – how to integrate the platform components with each other, how to maintain this integration over time, how to centrally manage all platform components, how to carry out support and operation, what are the typical risks and features of using Open Source.
In the presentation I will consider these issues using the example of implemented data platforms for the largest Russian companies and organizations.

Session Keywords

Open Source