Big Data Days 2022

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Karol Przystalski


Poland, Codete


Obtained a PhD degree in Computer Science in 2015 at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. CTO and founder of Codete. Leading and mentoring teams at Codete. Working with Fortune 500 companies on data science projects. Built a research lab for machine learning methods and big data solutions at Codete. Gives speeches and trainings in data science with a focus on applied machine learning in German, Polish, and English. Used to be an O’Reilly trainer.


Machine Learning Security

Machine learning (ML) and other terms related to it have become buzzwords. Many companies would like to introduce machine learning models, but fail to see the potential security issues. In the presentation, he will show recent security issues related to machine learning models, such as adversarial attacks. Next, he will do an overview of possible security issues that can happen during building such models. Finally, he demonstrates how to prevent the most common security problems related to ML in a few examples.

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