Big Data Days 2020

24-26 ноября


Mats Adamczak

Data Scientist

Finland, paf


Mats Adamczak is a data scientist who has worked both to create acquisition campaigns and make models to follow up their success factors in dashboards. Set up measuring points for the customer journey all the way from being on the internet to becoming customers and how valuable they are Like that.


The Importance of Good Data Quality and Understanding of Visitor Behavior

In the session, Mats goes through how to measure a person’s journey from being a person in an interesting segment to becoming a customer. He also tells you how to get high data quality on your web visitors so that you can use it in machine learning in Facebook and google. He also addresses what knowledge can be good tools for understanding customer behaviors, such as behavior economics and reverse engineering.

Ключевые слова

Data Quality
Behavior Economics

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