Big Data Days 2020

24-26 ноября


Paolo Dello Vicario


Italy, ByTek


Digital marketing consultant (since 2008) and then mechanical engineer. He’s PhD Student in Big Data Analysis at the University of Tuscia. He is also scientific coordinator of the Growth Hacking Master in Talent Garden, as well as lecturer and speaker in many events and courses on digital. He’s teaching coordinator of the Second Level Master’s in Artificial Intelligence for Business and Security (University of Tuscia).

Since 2019 he is also a partner of the Datrix SpA, a group of company that aims to leverage the impact of AI on marketing industry.


Analyzing Public Data About User Queries on Search Engine to Predict Trends and Evaluate Markets

Keywords and queries from search engine public data continue to be a beautiful window into people’s interests.

If we want to use words as an interest analysis tool, however, we need to analyze large volumes of data and manual analysis can be expensive and inaccurate. We Will go through this topic starting from how retrieve data and how to analyze these data with some NLP libraries.

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