Big Data Days 2019

 8-10 октября   Москва

Guglielmo Iozzia

MSD, Ireland

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I have recently joined MSD (Merck & Co.), one of the world top 5 bio pharmaceutical companies, as Regional Associate Director, Business Tech Analysis, IT and Analytics. I started my journey into Big Data and AI at IBM first and Optum (UnitedHealth Group) then, after several years as Java Developer and Architect. I am based in Dublin, Ireland. I am a confirmed speaker at four conferences. My first book «Hands-on Deep Learning with Apache Spark» has been released in January 2019.


Distributed Deep Learning with Keras and TensorFlow on Apache Spark

DeepLearning4J is an Open Source distributed framework for Deep Learning on the JVM. It allows importing Python (Keras and TensorFlow) models in order to train them in a distributed fashion on Apache Spark. The talk would walk through the reasons for doing distributed Deep Learning of Python models in a JVM based environment and the details to productionalize this process.

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Distributed Deep Learning
Apache Spark