Big Data Days 2022

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Wojciech Gawroński

Cloud Architect / Co-founder

Poland, Pattern Match


AWS Maniac. Also, generalist and seasoned cloud architect with 12+ years of experience, that loves to teach and share his expertise. Fan of choosing the right tool for the job, but in a pragmatic way. His motto is to learn new stuff about AWS daily passionately.


The Honest Review of Amazon SageMaker

Amazon SageMaker looks like a comprehensive tool for managing the complete software development lifecycle in the Machine Learning space. «For every data scientist and developer» — as it states in the marketing tagline.

However, being provided by one vendor may look like a typical honey trap. This service lures you with friendly and easy usage, which eventually may be a classical vendor lock-in. Is it such a case? It’s one of those answers like «»yes and no»» at the same time — so let’s investigate that together!

He wants to present when Amazon SageMaker shines and when you should avoid it. Everything is supported by the experiences that we — at Pattern Match — have gained on real-world projects.

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